Perceived elder abuse in community elders: A preliminary study

Manoj Kumar Bajaj, Purva Kashyap


Current study was aimed to investigate perceived elder abuse in the community sample of Chandigarh city. For the sample collection a door to door random survey was conducted by the researcher and a specially designed Performa to record socio-demographic and clinical details of the elder was used. A total no. of 100 participants was consented to participate in the interview. They were further interviewed for their perception of elder abuse on Elder abuse scale which includes physical, emotional, neglect and financial abuse. The finding obtained from the survey were statically analysed with the help of SPSS. Results depicting that elderly in the city perceived the higher rate almost 71% of emotional abuse followed by 36 % neglect, 24 % financial abuse and 18 % physical abuse.

Keywords: abuse, elder, survey, Chandigarh

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